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At Acugence, we are a dedicated team of technology services and solutions providers. Leveraging our deep technological expertise and a keen understanding of human thought processes, we meticulously navigate each project, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your business objectives.


Why choose Acugence?


“We are your technology partner”. When we take decisions on every aspect of your project we prioritize the purpose of the project to the front and then we make sure the next step is satisfied with the objectives.


We do not create stuff that “we like” but we develop empathy towards the customer and the business to understand trends in the target market, which we mark as the starting point of your project.


Whenever there is a scenario where we need to take a decision, we prioritize business, customer and the project scope expectations and make decisions based on what benefits more to your business.


Every milestones and challenges are communicated transparently to have a mutual understanding of what is best to achieve your objectives. Let your query be basic or complex we are always here.

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How do we work?

Stage 1 - Research


Understand the business

The core foundation laying starts here. We assess your requirements on top of your business behavior.


Understand the target users

To have a meaningful direction to your requirements, we evaluate the target user behavior to develop user empathy.


Find the sweet spot

Here we match the business requirements against user’s expectations which help pin-point the right user experience for the final delivery.

Stage 2 - Designing


Heuristic evaluation

At this point, we evaluate the last step with an interface experience perspective in order to solve the challenges and reveal insights in the early stage.


User experience designing

Here we start to convert the concept into Lo-Fi wireframes to understand the overall experience of the final output.


User interface designing

With the brand’s design principles at this step, the Lo-Fi wireframes will be converted to the final designs.

Stage 3 - Developing & Launching


Make the design functional

Convert the designs created into a functional interface using the most reliable technology stacks with productive methods.


Testing and iterations

To make the system more stable and reliable we conduct thorough testing and iterate the functionalities whenever needed.


Launch the product

Once we have the green signal to go ahead, we will do a test run to make sure everything is working fine as expected and then launch the product.

Join our team & get your dreams bigger

Flexibility, open work environment, diversity in technologies. In an environment that gives you opportunities in diversity of projects and technology stack Acugence has strong opportunities to expand your career possibilities. Why not give a try today?

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