Buying and selling things had mobility just a century ago, but now, everything comes where we sit. On the other hand to be a seller you have to move from one place to another and then you have to show a demo to the customer then only if chance the customer will buy.

However, modern technology has brought a lot of comfort zone to the human race, right? Yes, it is. For the seller, we have lots and lots of e-commerce plugins to sell their products in a fancy way. Similarly, for the buyers, there are pretty much enough online stores are available.

The buyers and the sellers must be happy in buying the product and selling it. From the perspective of the sellers, we must consider their profit as well their efficient e-commerce plugin for their online business. Here we are going to see two well-known eCommerce plugins.

On one end we have Shopify on the other end we have WooCommerce. In this combat, we are going to announce a clear winner for the online sellers.

Shopify Versus WooCommerce the Best Ecommerce Plugin Wins

The first round of our combat Shopify V/s. WooCommerce begins.

The first and foremost thing is that WooCommerce is an online store plugin especially for WordPress, which is you must have a WordPress website, and yes it is a paid version. If you are aware of the WordPress settings, then WooCommerce is just a piece of cake.

Coming to Shopify, it is a user-friendly online store plugin because it doesn’t need any website hosted to add it as an online plugin. For example, you are new to this kind of technical issue, then Shopify is the best for you to go further.

We are going to see the Shopify Woocommerce comparison as well as their blocks and punches on the battlefield.

WooCommerce’s Punches

Just like we discussed before WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress alone. The plugin moves on with a free core plugin and some add ons that have some additional features for your online store. Just a few add ons are for the paid version.

Talking about the special punches of WooCommerce it is a kind of a special weapon.

  • To settle the customer’s payment, WooCommerce has enormous gateways like Stripe, Cash on Delivery, and PayPal.
  • WooCommerce conducts a report on all of your income data, inventory data of your online store, and other common performance.
  • The WooCommerce plugin has the potential to sell both physical goods and downloadable products.
  • It has inbuilt user reviews, usage limits, and discount choices.
  • It includes the shipping charges either free or a flat rate, and it has some more additional features like tax setting that has various tax rates.
  • WooCommerce plugin has a special feature in cross-promoting your product as well as up-selling your products.

The Procedures to Set Up a WooCommerce Store
If you know the basics of WordPress then setting up your WooCommerce is a cheesy smooth process. First, you have to install the WooCommerce plugin then you have to move into the in plugins and then add new to make your WooCommerce plugin active. It changes your website to an online store.

The Professional WooCommerce Development Company sees all the nooks and corners for your website to make it appear as a professional online store. Yes, you can optimize the way you want it. WooCommerce also gives some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits.

The moment you install the WooCommerce plugin, it edits with the Meta tags as well as the description. The basics and the core plugins are free in WooCommerce, which helps your small business get set to go. The add ons price starts from $29 and ends at $200.

The WooCommerce development services give you great support.

Shopify’s Punches

Considering the Shopify eCommerce online store plugin, it is a self-hosted solution that means no more waste of time your store is ready in a jiffy. There is no term called free in the Shopify plugin, but the price is still an affordable price.
Shopify’s Special Weapon

  • Shopify offers a responsive design and provides a wide range of themes to choose from.
  • You don’t need to rely on another host as you can have your own domain.
  • It integrates email marketing with social media seamlessly.
  • Additionally, it includes a comprehensive blogging platform and offers site analytics with detailed reports.

The Procedures to Set Up a Shopify Store
Your store setting with Shopify is very easy. You need not suffer in the setting because the process is very simple just as signing into a new profile. The design in Shopify plugins is enormous. If you need good quality in your store, then you have to pay. The subscriptions vary from $100 to $180.

The SEO performance in Shopify is much better than the WordPress plugin. Shopify gives you 24/7 support. Shopify is quite expensive than WooCommerce.

In the combat, both the fighter made a draw because both of them are unique in their way. If you feel difficulty in programming WooCommerce, then you can hire a WooCommerce developer.