One-stop platform for field sales, distribution & supply chain logistics

Easy shop & order management

Monitor every shop visits and corresponding orders. Dr.Sales provides you a one-stop solution for your field sales challenges.

Shop visit monitoring

Monitor every shop visit with advanced features like location tracking, Credit Limit and Credit Age Mapping, Sales Tracking, Identification with QR etc.

Daily visit plan

Allows you to plan your daily route and shop visit with necessary stocks.

Location of order placing

Dr. Sales help you to save the location of the order placed so that it will help you to understand a more clear picture of the field sales.

SMS alerts

Live SMS alerts help you to monitor important order status such as order placing, cancellation, returns etc.

2 Phase approval

Each shop created can be subjected to 2 phase of approval before finalization.

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There are more reasons to enhance your sales Process

While Dr. Sales provides you with easiness in field sales, there are still more you should look at and below are some examples. Talk to us as there are still more we would like to share with you..

Mobile Application

Employee Evaluation & Workflow

Reports & Sales Analytics

Scheme & Combo Offers

Display Cash Handling


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Enhancing Stock & Cash management

Dr. Sales allows you to prepare the stock for your route and tracks every transaction and the location. It also check every transaction against the stock and helps you to take necessary corrective actions pro-actively.

Stocks per route

Set needed stocks for a daily route that you need to plan for a day.

Stock balance

Monitor and get alerted the stock availability so that it help you to decide the stock required for a daily route plan.

Expense claims

The sales executives will have expenses that needs to fulfill a daily route plan and Dr. Sales will help them to these such expenses.

Sales update in ERP

Every order updates such as sales, returns, replacements etc. will be monitored and stored live in the ERP.

Stock shortage management

After unloading process, excess and shortage in stock is identified and shown in the stock difference report.

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