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Enhancing HR management productively

When it comes to HR management operations, OfficeKit plays a key role in your daily activity with the productive features it offers.

Recruitment & Onboarding

Choose the right candidate for the right job with a personalized recruitment management process and ease the onboarding process.

Core HR

Strategize all the HR work by automating the administrative task like leave and attendance management. Handle all the core HR work under one system.

Payroll Management

Manage your entire payroll process under a single system and do not have to pile up your work. Generate ESI, EPF, LW and PT and any government compliances.

Help Desk

An essential tool for employee self-service. It lets the HR department focus their attention more on a critical task.

Employee Engagement

Design custom surveys, establish effective employee feedback channels, and gauge satisfaction to stay connected with your organization’s workforce.

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There are more reasons to enhance your HR Process

The story continues. Apart from the features that you expect we also have foreseen your needs and have been added them to OfficeKit.

Easiest Installation

Biometric integration

Geo Tagging

Role based dashboard

Predictive model

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Enhancing employee management productively

OfficeKit makes it easy for you to manage employee engagements and activities with semantic features. Also the intuitive interface helps the employees to achieve their tasks easily.

Performance Management

Build your company by increasing the high-performance work culture of an employee.

Travel & Claims

Manage your travel plan accordingly by an integrated calendar. Link your payroll with claims and reimbursement.

Task & Timesheet

Timesheet brings the accountability of an employee’s work progress which helps for decision making.

Employee Assets

Manage organization resources handled by the employee. We can track the number of assets that has been assigned to the employee.

Exit Management

Manage all the final settlement processes of an employee when they exit from the organization.

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Officekit HR is an easy-to-use, fully customizable HR software which made our tedious tasks of daily HR process so easy.

Mohideen Kader

Head of HR

Officekit lets you shine, it lets you put your thoughts together in a very concise format and it really helps you present your best face.


Head of HR