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Our team is satisfied when each of us set no limits to their learning knowledge. Here are the list of our ever growing services.

Data Analytics

Healthcare Analytics

Our healthcare analytics solution is built on a robust platform which connects all stakeholders of the hospital eco system securely, accurately and in real time and transcends boundaries across geographies, clinical disciplines and departments. The system automates the management of data and derives meaningful insights to drive care and process improvement.

Retail Analytics

Acugence’s Retail Analytics invloves the collection of inventory levels, supply chain movement, consumer demand, sales, etc and historically to understand cosumer behaviour and company performance. It helps to analyze profitability at the customer level, reduce customer churn, Better visibility to your sales team, Anticipate earlier demand generation at product or category levels etc.

Sales Analytics

Our Sales Analytics solution helps to categorise, understand and predict sales trends and sales predictions. In the process, the solution can point out ways to plug various revenue leaking loopholes too. Even if the available data is from multiple sources or in a different format, the solution can synchronize your multi-sourced big data into a master data pool, with the help of powerful algorithms. With the help of IT automation, our analytics have played a huge role in assisting firms to process the sales data in the most cost-effective way and in eliminating the classic way of using excel sheets for data analysis. Through the past few years, we have been consistently using our learnt skills to extract, process and analyze data, implementing powerful analytics modules for the Sales departments of some leading business houses.

Branding & Design

Logo designing

Our process ensures that the team accurately comprehends the business objectives and understands the design preferences of the target customers. Following this, the team formulates a logo concept designed to cultivate a lasting brand impression in the minds of your customers.

Graphic designing

Graphic designing is one of a great media to communicate your messages with customers. Our creative team is good at understanding the expected nature of the design direction which enhances your marketing efforts.

Brochure & Catalogue

Whether your data is intricately complex or as simple as ABC, Acugence excels at comprehending and structuring information in a manner that swiftly and effortlessly resonates with the human thought process, influencing it profoundly.

Package designing

The challenges posed by business competition can be surmounted through various means. Even if you are selling something as common as an apple, a well-designed packaging can make all the difference, leading to successful sales. Our team excels at presenting innovative ideas to enhance your sales.

Websites & Apps


Numerous firms specialize in website construction, but how many truly grasp the nuances of domains and invest profound thought into crafting a website tailored specifically for the customers? We don’t just create websites, we ensure they fulfill their intended purpose.

Mobile & Web Apps

Acugence boasts a proficient technical team skilled in developing stable and scalable applications for both iOS and Android platforms. When it comes to seamlessly launching applications on the web, we serve as the ultimate one-stop solution for universal application development.

e Commerce Websites

Acugence possesses a highly skilled team with extensive experience in eCommerce platforms and the eCommerce domain. Regardless of your specific requirements, our team is adept at handling them with enthusiasm and expertise.

Portals & Aggregator

Our team of big data experts and UX designers collaborates to develop portals and aggregators, aiming to create fast, user-friendly interfaces and efficient data management for display purposes.

Digital Marketing

Social media marketing

Establishing a strong social media presence is essential for business growth. Crafting effective strategies tailored to specific platforms is crucial for successful Social Media Marketing. Acugence can partner with you to yield fruitful results from your Social Media Marketing endeavors.

Search engine optimization

When the competition gets more challenging the search engine ranking of your online presense becomes very important. With the knowledge in SEO compliances our team can increase your ranking.

Online campaigns

The central focus of every online campaign is the conversion rate. Our strategy and UX experts collaborate with you to ensure its success by crafting strategies and designs that effectively engage users and drive conversions.

Marketing collaterals

Our UX experts meticulously design materials to align with users’ thought processes. This approach forms the backbone of every digital campaign, facilitating meaningful interactions and eliciting valuable responses.

Motion designing

97% percent of marketers acknowledge that incorporating videos into marketing efforts enhances product understanding. Leveraging our team’s expertise in conceptualization and animation principles, we can integrate compelling videos into your strategies that drive conversions.